Meet Ben

      My story both begins and ends in West Virginia. I was born in 1982 in the old UHC Hospital in Clarksburg to Pam and Ron Hanlan, and brought home to our family’s house in Liberty Addition that my grandparents built after World War II. When I was seven years old, my family moved to a historical Clarksburg home on East Main Street, and like many of my peers, I grew up in the Clarksburg we reminisce about today. Parents felt safe allowing us to roam the streets and to stay out until the street lights came on, supervised by a tight-knit community of adults. Throughout my adolescence, I spent a lot of time watching political debates and having political discussions with my father and his friends. I was enamored by the excitement of local politics, and the tangible involvement that could be experienced in my community. I graduated from Robert C Byrd High School in 2000 with the intention of continuing my education at Marshall University. I later transferred my studies to WVU and graduated with a double major bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Anthropology.

      Upon graduation, I was given the opportunity, to work in Senator Rockefeller’s office in Washington DC as a Staff Assistant. Being fresh out of college, I was enthusiastic about my new position in the nation’s capital, but was also surprised to discover myself changing my perception of the political scene, and my own views of what I thought I knew from my education at a liberal arts college. Over time, I separated myself from the liberal-minded ideology I was surrounded by, and wanted nothing more than to return to West Virginia and my roots as a conservative.
      My wife and I returned to West Virginia in 2012 to raise our daughter in the small town ideology we had learned to value, and to be with my family as my father, Ron, fought and eventually died from cancer. Since returning to my home state, I have been an active member of the Harrison County Republican Club and the Republican Executive Committee. Through my work in these organizations, I have also met hundreds of West Virginians who want to see real changes come to our state and to reclaim the prosperity of a once economically thriving 48th district.
      When I am elected as Delegate, I will proudly defend second amendment rights, protect the lives of our unborn, promote small businesses, and encourage industrial growth. We must open the gates of prosperity and remove unnecessary barriers to our economic success. I WILL be the voice of the voters.
-Ben Hanlan